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Concentrex Laboratories LTD International

At Concentrex Laboratories we are focused on a continued provision and improvement of quality medical products. Through a vigorous study, testing and innovation of better steroids for guaranteed desired results. The company has its focus geared towards achieving customer satisfaction and being among the best players in the bodybuilding industry.

Concentrex Laboratories is proud to be included among the leading companies in the provision of quality performance engaging drugs for the acquisition of incredibly desired physiques. We endeavor to provide our esteemed customers with the most viable and pure steroid formulations, easily and readily affordable to athletes on the global scale. The bodybuilding industry has flocked with countless players, some of whom offer deceitful products but Concentrex Laboratories give guarantee of quality products only.




The firm aims at providing the most efficient anabolic and androgenic products in the market today. These are bound to come in different forms including injectable, capsules, gels and tablets for both also and injection administration. Our products offer a diversified range of contents for various benefits including peptides, proteins, anabolic and androgenic hormones to anti- estrogens in different formulations. The following are some of our products:  

The products are not standardized and may have some minor effects on the health of the user. We, however, try to minimize the effects by advocating for doses with minimal effects or combinations that will lessen the effects. We, however, warn against imposters of our products and advocate for counter checking of our authentication.